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Chanteuse du Cotentin Denise Sauvey

Collection "Sources" La Loure

Gérard Viel

On the cover of this new publication of the Normandy association La Loure, a photo of a singer (Denise Sauvey), with her hands raised and with a "naughty" smile expressing her happiness to sing ballads and laments from her native Cotentin.

Her body and soul are one, she is totally impregnated with the songs of her ancestors learned around the table in the evening... Denise Sauvey was born in Tollevast (a short distance from Cherbourg in the Cotentin), and her whole life took place in this green peninsula, and its 350kms of totally protected coastline.  The meeting between the association La Loure and Denise Sauvey dates back to 2002, and the choice of the authors Yvon Davy and Etienne Lagrange was based on Denise's geographical origins, in order to "show how the singular journey of a family, tells at the same time the territory of the Cotentin". Since her childhood Denise Sauvey has always heard her mother sing, who held her repertoire "of people who came to make barrel circles with chestnut trees. They would stay for supper and do song evenings". The book gives us a close look at the collection work carried out by La Loure enthusiasts throughout Normandy since 1998.

The meeting with Denise Sauvey brings to life this repertory of traditional songs, buried in the heads and hearts of people. The authors tell us about Denise's social life, her attachment to her region and her passion for singing. Her repertoire is composed of songs from the oral tradition, authorial or literary songs, songs in the Norman language and when she sings "she doesn't pretend, she delivers her singing with great intensity, even a certain power". This woman totally embodies traditional songs without complex with sincerity and human simplicity! And when we ask her how she feels: "Oh well, you know, I'm not very ambitious, it's not really my thing, and I don't think I'm a star, for one thing! "In this book you will find the texts, the scores and a CD of 30 songs from Denise Sauvey's repertoire. A fascinating work which shows the importance of the work of collecting La Loure, and the richness and diversity of the Normandy songs too often considered to be non-existent. These songs are just waiting to be lived or relived ! Notice to all the musicians of Normandy, in all styles of music....... Our Breton friends are many years ahead of the Normans with among others : the Goadec sisters, Louise Ebrel, Marthe Vassallo, Annie Ebrel and many others, in the Manche we have Denise Sauvey that you must discover in this book :