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Duo Bottasso / Simone Sims Longo

Biserta E Altre Storie

Gérard Viel

The Bottasso duo or the fusion of accordion, violin, and electronic sounds.

The Bottasso brothers Simone and Nicolo were known, young artists rare because of their talent, their technique of accordion playing and violin trumpet and their creativity. Today, they cross a musical border. They have accustomed us to dance music always warm and inventive ... they can present a ball called "folk" only with personal compositions and everyone feels like hearing melodies yesterday. With this new album they prove to us that they are two contemporary composers and open to the world today. For this musical project "Biserta e altre strorie" they worked with a visual artist of sound and electro Simone Sims Longo and produced a concept album on the theme of happiness after horror! "Politics divides, faith tears, art heals wounds and awakens the freedom and dreams of young people". The basis of their work is the music of the documentary "Bizerta" composed by the two Bottasso brothers, but the fusion with Simone Sims Longo brings a new dimension that goes in the direction of the current music, which brings to the Bottasso brothers a new sound direction and artistic. We also discover the choir "Kinder-und Jugendchor der Theater Chemnitz" (West Saxony in Germany) directed by Pietro Numico, with young and strong voices that ask us "I ask, you ask, I ask you, I wonder , you ask "Let's be attentive to the questions of this youth on the move!" An unusual album, disconcerting but that does not leave indifferent, and with great compositions of the duo Bottasso.