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Gérard Viel

In the heart and soul of the accordion with Frédéric Viale


How good it is in these strange times to listen to the new album of Frédéric Viale and his quintet. "L'envol" is an album that will bring you happiness, serenity and gentleness with Frédéric's accordion that touches our hearts in jazzy, contemporary atmospheres, with roots in musette, French chanson and his Italian origins. His subtle, sensual accordion playing expresses itself in a brilliant way with the complicity of talented musician friends: guitarist Nelson Verras, pianist Julian Leprince-Caetano, Zaza Desiderio's drums, and Natalino Neto's bass. Two amazing covers of Nino Ferrer's 'Le Sud', which takes on a new, less 'syrupy' and more tonic dimension. On the other standard " la tendresse " written by Noël Roux, composed by Hubert Giraud,zt popularized by Bourvile in the 60s, the quintet offers us a more swinging version with the soft voice of Chloé Cailleton. My preferences are for her compositions: " Sous l'océan ", " Made in Viale " where the artist shows us her sensitivity, her emotion and her passion for the "boîte à frissons"

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