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Gérard Viel

Jean Jacques Mel has been on the road with songs, tours and albums since the early 1980s.

He is a singer-songwriter-artist-artisan-libre and independent who has always remained faithful to his artistic project. For his 7th opus "chansons" he offers us his slices of life with passion, "Si tu savais" and sometimes blows of gueules "Des marches partout" (recorded in Memphis Tennessee), "prière pour un juif polonais", or tells us about "l'été 36" of his grandparents. His warm voice whispers in our ears his bluesy moments "don't go away" and his faithful guitar sounds good of friendship, wood and friends found on the road. This album is the work of an artist who is a citizen of the world and who questions his life and our crazy world. He shares with us his intimacy as a man "for a night" with tenderness and sincerity. The production, sound recording and mixing are particularly successful. An album of Jean Jacques Mel rich in texts and music with a great sincerity.

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