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Les Ogres de Barback

Amours grises et Colères rouges

Gérard Viel 

Un coup de poing, un coup de gueule pour les Amours grises et Colères rouges des Ogres de Barback

Since 1994 Les Ogres de Barback have accustomed us to their universe of strong songs, committed and always imprint of humanity and with open sounds on different worlds of music. Five years since their last album "vous m'emmerdez", they present us today « Amours Grises et Colères Rouges »" a hymn to life, love, peace, insolence, freedom, the future and a tribute to our planet and the madness of men. Some songs go straight to the heart "Pas ma haine", with simple but essential words "they will fill my heart with sorrow, but they will not have my hate". Great moments of tenderness and emotion "Si tu restes " S’il nous plait " that will leave no one indifferent, so sadness, emotion is present in the voices, and the words. Other songs terribly sad "Petit Coeur " “La corde au cou" " " Tous les matins immondes »" will bring you tears, but it will be better to consider the future with " Chanson pour dans 2000 ans ". The instruments carry these stories of life: trumpets, percussion, guitars, bass, accordion, violins, banjo, organ, and are supported in an elegant way by machines without ever abusing or falling into the ease. The voices are warm, present, they sing with the heart and soul of all the singing musicians. Les Ogres de Barback are a real group with an artistic and cultural project carried and defended by everyone with conviction and passion. To our delight, they invited artist friends to share their studio: the Benin band "Eyo'nlé", an Israeli singer "Lior Shoov" as well as Magyd Cherfi from the Zebad group, and the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra. In our world too connected we sometimes have the feeling of loneliness and listening to this album we say "I'm not alone to be all alone!”  This disc makes you want to go out, meet and talk with our neighbors to avoid the worst! The new album of Ogres de Barback is to listen in loop, to share with friends or to offer to all your friends.

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