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Les Vaches

Gérard Viel

Bal Super Folk. It's moving in Normandy on the trad music and dance floor with the super trio Manigale.

The name comes from the Norman patois which means "skilled with their hands" and it is certain that these three lascars know how to use their ten fingers! They are not "penguin beginners": Nadège Queuniet (diatonic accordion and vocals), Stéphane Devineau (guitar, violin, banjo, cistre and vocals), and Rivo Ralison (double bass, banjo, mandolin and percussion). They all have an important career in trad music in Normandy and beyond (OFNI, Mes Souliers sont Rouges, Allo Caroline, Nel'son, etc... The influences and experiences of each of them can be found in this album, sometimes romantic " Valse de Saire ", later dynamic swaying " Chaos ", all in sensuality and emotion " les garçons sont trompeur ". The album is a blend of Irish, Quebecois, English folk, French folk and some digital sounds without ever overdoing it. These three musicians don't need bass or drums to keep the tempo on the floor, the violin, diato accordion, banjo and double bass bewitch us like the "reels of the hanged man"! The acoustic sound of each instrument is very well enhanced by the sound recording and mixing. The strings of the guitar and the banjo caress the notes of the accordion and the whole thing is wrapped by a warm double bass that does more than just mark the rhythm. Manigale is a Norman trio that brings new blood with music to be danced and listened to with the heart. It is sometimes a little wild, festive, warm for the pleasure of the dancers and listeners! To be rediscovered as quickly as possible without distancing oneself from the music.

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