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Menace d'Eclaircie

Finish Your Patates and Take Your Converses

Gérard Viel

Menace d'Éclaircie is a cheerful team from the Klam-Records collective that travels the streets of festivals and cultural and various events to send the public a so-called Breton music!  Bagpipes, bombs and bombshells, they are reinvigorating the clichés of the top 50, fusing rockabily, blues, funk, renaissance music and bal à papa. Not forgetting to party with the hidden children of Elvis and Yvette Horner, to the delight of the audience. For a band used to playing in the street, we have to thank them because this new opus sounds like it sounds in the street ! You'll find the energy of the crazy performances of Menace d'Éclaircie and the very well mixed sounds that make this CD want to find the happy team again, without any respect for "social distancing" ! Reading the titles of this record you already have an idea of the music : " Rock Ha Billig ", Laparade dérapa là ", Kenavo Tino ", Freddy met l'curry ", without forgetting " Finish your patates and Take your converses ". Menace d'Éclaircie is a band that is above all human, warm, festive, and without electro machines. These 5 musicians are with the public, at the heart of parties and events, that's how they create and bring their music to life.

Contact : www.klam-records