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Philippe Cousin

Breton music leads to everything, as long as you keep away from it. A maxim that could well apply to Trio SkeeQ, who have just released their second album, beautifully titled Mascaret.

All three come from Breton music backgrounds, Floriane Le Pottier on violin, Mael Lhopiteau on harp and Tristan Le Breton on acoustic guitar, after playing in various bands, one day discovered Swedish music.

In September 2016, they set off for Sweden to meet a duo of professional musicians, Josefina Paulson on nyckelharpa and Jonas Akerlund on hardanger violin, to deepen their knowledge of the northern European style.
The two bands, from Brittany and Sweden, have a similar approach in terms of composition and interpretation, and are largely inspired by the traditions of their respective countries, finalizing their research with a first album in 2017: Musique Acoustique d'Inspiration Scandinave.
After several years of touring, the trio set about composing a new repertoire, this time again guided by traditional Scandinavian dance music.

After several years of touring, the trio is now working on a new repertoire, this time again guided by traditional Scandinavian dance music.
For their new opus, they have chosen to invite seven Breton and Swedish artists who have crossed their path in the course of their concerts. Josefina Paulson on nyckelharpa, Tim Le Net on diatonic accordion, Dylan James on double bass and electric bass, Coline Genet on violin, Clément Lemennicier on flugelhorn, Martin Chapron on bouzouki and Maxime Le Breton on piano. A majority of string instruments. Quite a program.
Entirely instrumental, this 11-track album is composed entirely by the members of SkeeQ. Floriane for five tracks, Mael for two and Tristan for four. Forty-five minutes of delicate melodies that will carry you across the world to the distant Baltic Sea. Let yourself be carried away by Arlando, Slee Polska, Ricky Boulange or Shottis à Titi.
The strings combine and intertwine, strummed or plucked as the case may be, playing with each other and delivering a subtle, airy, light-hearted music whose patterns, like spidery lace, will delight your music-loving ears.
The result is a soundscape that will take your breath away while lulling you with elegant, colorful images. A true success story.


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