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A Time to Grow

Philippe Cousin

The three McLaughlin sisters are back. For them too, the last album was in 2017.

Composed of Karen on fiddle, Lorna on accordion and Joleen on harp, The Henry Girls also sing and have a beautiful voice. Originally from North Donegal, they have adopted their grandfather's first name as a tribute to the man who inspired them. All three multi-instrumentalists, they studied music at university. They sing in harmony, performing a mix of Irish folk and American-inspired music.

Since their very first album in 2003, they've come a long way, and the current A Time to Grow is already their seventh. It's a mix of new songs and instrumentals. Of the album's twelve tracks, they write ten, co-writing the other two with R.Cavanaugh on Leaving Dublin and R.Connolly on Not Your Fight.
The album kicks off with the first track, A Time to Grow, sung a capella in harmony with the voices of the three sisters before being joined by discreet instruments, a song that evokes the seasons to speak of the cycle of life.
On Leaving Dublin, a theme dear to every Irishman, that of departure and its procession of regrets. Breathe, with its jazzy harp and brass motifs, takes us from darkness to light, while Where Are We Now continues the haunting jazzy atmosphere. The moving Not Your Fight, punctuated by Karen's fiddle, evokes the conflicts affecting the world. A little further on, we appreciate Colours in the Sky, a love song, while the album closes with the lullaby Don't Fear the Night. All this is interspersed here and there with four instrumentals. Among these, Inghinidhe na hÉireann can be heard as an echo of the collective unconscious, weaving traditional elements around fiddle and piano.
On this delicate album, the McLaughlin sisters don't cling to a narrow definition of tradition or folk. Their original vision of the world is a source for their creative process. Together, they weave enchanting harmonies with delicate, subtle instrumental interplay.

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