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Gérard Viel

Initiatory journey into the world of the trolls

For its third album, the Danish group Trolska Polska transports us into the world of the "trolls" who in the imagination and Scandinavian legends occupy an important place. It is said that these fantastic creatures are quite rough, sometimes they are compared to elves, giants or gnomes, and they leave no one indifferent. It is the same with the music of Trolska Polska! This magnificent album of compositions by Martin Seeberg (known for other bands such as Virelai, Valravn, Instinkt), is a pure musical marvel, unusual and only with trad acoustic instruments: violin, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, nyckelharpa, cistre, mandolin, cello, flutes, bass and percussion...  This record tells a story of trolls, with poetry, humour and sympathetic madness. Each title is linked to the previous one, and the arrangements are all subtle, offbeat, with sometimes choruses of instruments in jazzy atmospheres.  Sonorities intertwine, cross each other, meet with a festive and colourful dynamic. Get ready to live a unique experience, and let yourself be transported by the 7 magical musicians of Trolska Polska, for an initiatory journey into the enchanting world of myths and Nordic tales.

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